The project of the Macaya hall converts a modernist architectural space into a technological room with the latest generation devices interconnected with IoT and functional for holding events, meetings and gatherings. A new, more versatile and functional proposal for different types of events and formats, adapting to current technological needs. The control of all the elements installed in the room allows the space to adapt to different formats such as: presentations, round tables, lectures, online events, hybrid events, etc.
The main focal point of the installation is a big size LED screen at the back of the room, which allows different contents to be played at the same time and with a design that adapts content depending on the event in question.
A modular stage with the possibility of different height and size options with finishes in accordance with the new design of the hall. Total control of the lighting with professional spotlights at the front and back of the stage. Intensity and colour temperature control from a tablet installed on the table, which also allows the lights in the room to be controlled by zones.
Installation of 2 cameras at the back of the room that are controlled remotely from the control desk and allow us to obtain different shots for the production, record and send the signal in streaming or make a telematic meeting.
In short, a multifunctional room that adapts to the new needs of online and hybrid events in the post Covid19 Era.

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