This project was produced by the VICE agency for the SEAT brand event that took place in 2015 in Barcelona, ​​where its novelties were presented. The installation is a work that builds an infinite space of color that can be controlled by visitors through a mobile application that creates a custom composition of light and sound.

SCE is an immersive light and sound experience in which every color relates to a set of emotions, and every feeling has its own sound. It is an awe-inspiring experience that experiments with optical illusions and perceptual uncertainty where the vision intersects with the brain and the real becomes unreal. The experience is like being engulfed in a sea of ​​color, programmed to shift from hue to hue, which creates a sense of motion—almost like you’re swimming in light.

The architectural design is a suspended tunnel with a central access door and two open sides. This shape and the high intensity of color create the illusion of two doors in the walls, an effect that is both powerful and elusive. Your eyes try to adapt to the light, but its constant movement creates wonderful effects and, at times, the loss of balance in some frequencies of color.

The shaped white walls and floor give you a sense of looking to the infinite, and the room seemingly fills with mist or smoke, but it is only a perception in our mind. The complete loss of depth perception (similar to a white-out in a snowstorm)—known as the so-called "Ganzfeld Effect"—was discovered by a German psychologist named Wolfgang Metzger in the 1930s.

The installation space was specifically designed and built for this event and was equipped with 80,000 lumens of LED light and distributed high quality sound. Custom software was developed to control the light and sound in real time, and it was connected with an app that permits it to interact with the public in real time. The one-minute show connects the color with the sound, creating synchronizing effects in an extreme environment of color perception.

This interactive experience is inspired by the work of James Turrell, one of our referring artist of the last century and it is our homage to his work.

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